The Team

Hello! My name is Torben Pless. In 2010 I have lived in Ghana for half a year as a volunteer myself. During this time I fell in love with the country and the people. Since then I am actively engaged in several projects over there and in 2015 I finally founded "You4Ghana". Nowadays I spent most of my time in Ghana. Here I present our great team that will make your stay in Ghana unforgettable.

The You4Ghana-Team:  left to right: Julius, Premier, Torben, Portia, Mac Ten

Portia is our co-ordinator in Ghana. She is responsible for managing the volunteer house and your welfare while staying with the host families and participating in the projects. She is your first point of contact for questions and problems. Portia is also responsible for your physical and mental well-being. She cooks a variation of European and Ghanaian food so you can get used to the Ghanaian cuisine. She is always there for you in case of sickness and other concerns.


Torben is responsible for the coordination in Germany and all administrative tasks. He is in constant contact with Portia and Julius, the host families, and the projects. Portia and Torben have got a daughter called Mila who is also living in the volunteer house

Julius supports Portia with her work. He picks up the volunteers from the airport and takes them around on their first days in Ghana. He is always there for you in case of any questions or problems. Premier supports Portia with all chores. She will teach you how to prepare Ghanaian dishes or how to wash your laundry with your hands. If you need someone to show you around or acompany you on any trips, don't hesitate to ask them for help.

Mac Ten is the manager of the Red Lion Soccer Academy and of our You4Ghana-Youth-Center. He doesn't stay at the volunteer house but is a very important part of  You4Ghana. If you have any ideas for activities at the Youth Center, just let him know and he will help you to realise your plans.